About Jewelry Custom Design

Several decades of experience in designing and crafting handmade custom jewelry has established Jewelry Custom Design as your preeminent jeweler. Starting many years ago from humble beginnings as a local mom-and-pop shop, we are now servicing clients from around the globe. Providing custom pieces that can only be found in your imagination and that can only be made in our in-house factory is the mission that has driven us to achieve and thrive.

Whether you’re looking for a modest piece in the ballpark of $500 or you’re looking to wow the red carpet with a $500,000 ornament, Jewelry Custom Design is here to bring your fantasy to life. All of our materials are sourced and finished in-house, so when you work with us, you know that there are no anonymous third parties involved. We’re committed to making your vision a reality, and creating your dream piece of jewelry today.




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